The Whistler by John Grisham

The Whistler by John Grisham

After reading so much about John Grisham I decided to read 2016’s best seller The Whistler a legal thriller. I had lots of expectations from this book but it’s not a page turner, was waiting for something exciting to happen but was left with disappointment. It’s a slow paced story. It’s a story about fight against corrupt judge and Mafia. The book involves Lacy Stoltz as the main protagonist an investigator for Florida Board on Judicial Conduct.
   The book starts with Greg Myers a former lawyer reaching BJC’s investigators and who claims to know about a corrupt judge in Florida. Believing Greg Myers story Lacy and her partner starts investigating the case against Judge Claudia McDover and her relation to the Casino in Tappacola Indian land in the Florida. The book gets little interesting when an informant tries to contact them in Tribal land. Lacy comes to know what she’s gotten into, with her life at stake she fights hard for the case to be a success and bring the judge and Mafia down.Accident, missing people and chase makes the story little bit interesting to read. The Whistler refers to Whistle Blower who is revealed at the end and who is rewarded heftily for bringing the judge down. The story ends in an abrupt way.The revelations, arrests at the end are a bit boring. Overall The Whistler is a slow paced and sometimes makes you to stop reading.

My Rating: ☆☆


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