The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R.Carey


We have been flooded with movies and series like The Walking Dead, World War Z and chronicles of Resident Evil where zombies are portrayed as brainless creature, living as parasite on human flesh (zombie stereotype), but this is a different kind of story. This book tells what if zombies have brain, what if they can think like human beings even if they are affected.  This is a story about evolution in zombies. As seen in every zombie story there are five cliched characters the dictator, the betrayer, the sacrifice, the innocent and the survivor which you will find out after reading the book. This story is post zombie apocalypse. The world is under attacked by zombies; there are empty houses and zombies walking the streets with humans on the verge of extinction.

In Girl with all the gifts, Melanie a 10 year old girl (zombie) is leaving underground at an army base with her classmates. This cell is an experiment camp, where experiments are carried out on hungries (zombies) by Dr Caldwell (evil scientist) whose only ambition in this world is to find cure for the virus.  Melanie’s only connection to the outside world is Miss Justineau, her teacher. Every day she waits in her cell to get collected for Miss Justineau’s class.

Author M.R.Carey has done great work in portraying the relationship between Melanie and teacher.  Then there are other characters Sgt Parks who is in charge of the army base and his colleague Pvt Gallagher.

The story starts with an attack on base camp, where the sole survivors are five people –Melanie, Miss Justineau, Dr Caldwell, Sgt Parks and Pvt Gallagher.  They escape the base camp and start a road trip to find a safe place. This journey is life changing for Melanie where she learns all characteristics of human beings from trust to betrayal. And also on the journey she will find answer to question why she is different from other hungries.

Miss Justineau’s protectionism of Melanie from Dr.Caldwell who constantly wants to dissect Melanie and conflict of Sgt Parks mind to choose between trusting Melanie and his counterparts makes the novel more interesting. This novel has all the elements of entertainment like bloodshed, arguments, betrayal and fights.

The Girl with all the Gifts is a great science fiction novel with interesting story.  I liked the ending where Melanie’s decision at the end was quite unexpected. This book is must read, if you like the Z stories. This book also has a film adaptation with the same title.

My Rating: ☆☆☆☆


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