The Killing lessons by Saul Black

26829431.jpg The killing lessons fulfil all the aspects of best novel right from fast paced thriller to edge of your seat excitement. Saul Black describes each setting so perfectly that one can imagine all the gory scenes which sometimes made me uncomfortable,  clearly superb writing skills.

The plot starts with very high note where two strangers kill Rowena Cooper and her son brutally. But 10-year-old Nell daughter of Rowena Cooper escapes and ends into an isolated home.
These strangers are serial killers who in span of three years abducted, raped and killed seven women in different  states. These men leave objects inside their victims like balloon, fork as a signature. Then there’s Valerie Hart homicide detective who is studying these murders for long time and obsessed with finding these killers. Valerie needs to find out what’s the connection between the objects left as signature at each scene. After killing the women and her son, killers abduct a young women where she is kept in a basement and tortured and the vivid details about this setting by author can make one really uncomfortable. Valerie also has personal problems which she should first overcome and find the killers before they kill the abducted women.

I felt this book somewhere similar to The Silence of the lamb with regards to killing of victims. While this book is definitely a page turner, I can say i was terrified while reading it.

If you want to read a gory, mystery thriller novel than this book is perfect.

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆


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