The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks


The Notebook starts with an elder man reading a story from the notebook to a strange woman. He is waiting for some kind of miracle to happen which we get to know at the end of the story. The Notebook then tells us the story of two teenagers Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson, how they fall for each other but Allie’s parent don’t approve their relationship because of Noah’s class or background.  After they are separated Noah writes several letters to Allie which gets unanswered, being heart-broken Noah enlist for service in war, while Allie moves on with her life by enrolling into college. Returning from war after fourteen years, Noah starts to renovate an old house while Allie gets engaged to another man, but still she didn’t forget Noah. After separation of fourteen years Allie meets Noah with just few weeks remaining to her marriage, she still feels ambiguous about her love, while Noah still loves her knowing that she is engaged. To find out who Allie choose at the end read the book.

This was my first Nicholas Sparks novel. I was gripped to this novel from the start and each chapter depicted by the author was really moving, finished it in just five days! The most touching part for me was when Allie meets Noah after fourteen years of separation. This is a great book if you want to start reading romantics genre. This book also has a film adaptation.

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆

Best quotes from book:

“He stepped of the porch and began to approach her, walking easily, then suddenly stopped cold as she emerged from the car. For a long time all they could do was stare at each other without moving.”

“I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year. It wasn’t over… it still isn’t over.”


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